Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Whistlers on Wednesday 90

Just hanging around and eating.

Looks like carpeting

Right foot

Left foot



  And keeping tabs on the photographer.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Cloak and Dagger

Per Wikipedia, "Cloak and dagger" is an English term sometimes used to refer to situations involving intrigue, secrecy, espionage, or mystery. Well, this Great Blue Heron brought those two words to mind for me just from his dagger-like beak and his cloak-like feathering.
  Awww, he's not a man of mystery at all, he just wanted to show us his heart! :)

  Okay, okay! You're a man of mystery! Sheesh!
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Monday, August 25, 2014

Random Rubbish Around Run*A*Round

We have a rusted, metal gazebo in the yard (bought it that way - heavily 'vintaged'). My second attempt to get Morning Glories planted around it (both seedings were compliments of Texas blogging friends), this one seemed to take off and flourish.

Sadly, the bunnies have mowed down the vines, again. I've got a few new seeds sprouting up, but I'm not too hopeful. At least they don't seem to eat the trumpet vines I've got growing on several of the corners.

I keep an old metal pan filled with water on the side deck underneath the dryer vent. It helps deflect the heat from the wooden boards and catches a lot of the lint that comes through. The birds sometimes drink out of it during the day, and at night, the toads use it as their personal spa (these were taken at night with flash).

I took the truck in recently to get its annual state-required inspection. The auto technician came to find me shortly after beginning and asked if we had snakes where we lived. I said, "Sure!" He pulled this 5 foot snakeskin out from under the hood, intact from head to tail tip. Probably a harmless bull snake - good for eating mice and rats.

The dogs bring in lots of 'trash' from their exploits in the woods and creeks. Sometimes it is animal bones and skulls; sometimes parts of freshly killed animals (probably from coyotes and the like). One day I saw Baron coming across the yard with something brown and furry. Anticipating another dead varmint that I would need to take away and discard, I laughed out loud when I discovered he was carrying this.
 I let him enjoy his 'kill' and then picked it up and put it in the trash.
And one last shot I took earlier in the year. A small, old stump in the yard from a tree that had died. It had the sweetest mix of grasses and wildflowers around it. Sweet and simple, my favorite.
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