Saturday, April 17, 2010

2. Marigold

Marigold is my brightest, sweetest, most loving child! She's been with us over 12 years. My husband surprised me with her as a puppy. I was sitting outside, he drove up in his truck, she stood up, put her front paws on the window, looked at me, and took my heart. Every day since, I have adored her. I named her Marigold since "she's bright, she's beautiful, but she's a stinker!"

She has health issues. Arthritis, age warts, liver and spleen enlargement, now some suspected kidney problems. And her little face just keeps getting whiter and whiter. But I love her sense of humor, her sense of entitlement when it comes to food, attention, treats, whatever. And she's very devoted to us and prefers to be near us rather than anywhere else.

She sheds like a dandelion and is often underfoot when you're trying to cook, clean, mow lawn, etc. but I wouldn't want it any other way.

Age: 12 1/2 yrs.
Breed: Yellow Labrador
Female (spayed)

Frequently heard nicknames: Marigoldilocks, Miss Marigold, Little Girl, Butterscotch Girl, Angel Pie, Lamb, Bug, Princess, Baby Bird, Little Love, Trouble-Makin' Girl.


TXBG said...

I remember when you first got Marigold. For the longest time, I thought her name was spelled Merrigold because she was bright and shiny and merry. Never realized she got the "stinker" part from the lovely flower.

For several years, my sister took care of Lucy, her son's yellow lab that was also a gift to his wife. Lucy and Merrigold were built differently. That was when you enlightened me on the two distinct builds. One like Lucy being referred to as British is stockier with a larger head. The other, like Marigold, labeled field or American, is taller and more regal.

texwisgirl said...

I love both lab styles - stocky or svelte - either way is fine by me!

Lana said...

Sorry to hear Marigold is having so many health issues. She looks as beautiful as she did when she was just a kid.

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