Sunday, April 18, 2010

3. Zim

Zim is a chestnut roan (basically, a bright red horse with white hairs sprinkled into his coat). He's been with us 9 years.

He's a favorite of the dogs since he's spunky and they can get a rise out of him if they bark and chase after him (Pearl, for the most part, ignores them.)

The only health issues he has is the tendency to eat too much! The boy would eat himself to death (which can actually happen with horses). I let him get too fat one spring when the grasses came up extremely rich, and he foundered (the blood pools between the hoof wall and the bone and causes hoof spreading and lameness). We were lucky. The farrier was able to trim him several times to ease his discomfort and encourage new growth. And we got the weight under control and he recovered.

Age: 18 yrs.
Breed: Arabian (yes, his registered name is also being withheld to shield his true identity)
Male (gelding)

Frequently heard nicknames: Zimper-Fi, Zimmy-Poo, Fat-Boy Slim, Zimperific, Copper Penny, Pretty Boy.


Nancy said...

Love the blog! It's great to see all the great pics. I need to come back for another visit so I can pet heads and feed the horses carrots again. Your kids are great and I look forward to pics of the rest of the family soon.

texwisgirl said...

Thanks, Nancy! Come see us whenever you feel like a drive!

Lana said...

Great picture!

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