Monday, April 19, 2010

4. Tuxedo

This is Tuxedo, our barn cat. He's the only native Run*A*Rounder as he was born here. Unfortunately, his mother and 2 brothers did not get to live long enough lives here but we loved them too.

Tuxedo has been the only cat here for several years now and he doesn't accept any other cats that have shown up. His 16 lb. self drives them out of his barn. I think he thinks he's a horse since he hangs out with his much-bigger buddies when they come in from the pasture. Funny, he prefers to harrass Zim too (batting at his nose when Zim's trying to eat his feed, sitting on top of Zim's hay square and daring him to try to eat it).

He's a great mouser, birder, frogger and snaker. He prefers to terrorize and eat (at least partially eat) his prey in Pearl's feed bowl. There's others available, but 99% of the time, he chooses her dinner plate for his sacrifices. I always have to check her bowl before I pour in feed in case he's left parts for me to find, which is often the case.

Age: 7 yrs.
Breed: Shorthair
Male (neutered Tom)

Frequently heard nicknames: Tux, Zedie, Big Kitty, Zedeco-Pedeco

1 comment:

TXBG said...

Tux is just leaving you presents!! My old Tom could never understand why I was not thrilled with the gifts he would generally leave at the back door.

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