Tuesday, April 20, 2010

5. Thelma Jean

Arrived almost 6 years ago. An odd dog. She doesn't really wag her tail much towards people - if she wants some attention, she just comes up and stands next to you and looks at you. Presently 80 lbs. Topped out at 85 so is looking a bit more svelte these days. Pretty coloration w/ perfect eye-liner.

Has sustained multiple wounds over the years - first blood was drawn by Louise when Thelma had her by the neck and was trying to kill her over a bone. Louise ripped open Thelma's front leg to the point of getting stitches and spending the night at the vet's. This was when they were still pups. Louise also put a hole in Thelma's ear, again defending herself against Thelma's wrath. Other wounds include a hole in her elbow, multiple coyote bites, snake bites and getting "football head" from biting at bumble bees. Thank goodness she's a good healer or we'd go broke.

She's really a sweetheart, though. Really...

Age: 6 1/2 yrs
Breed: Catahoula mixed w/ Pointer (she's got a pretty bay or bugle)
Female (spayed)

Frequently heard nicknames: Selmie Sue, Telma Doodle, Easter Egg, Marshmallow Peep, Scrappin' Beauty Queen, Selmo, Pink-Belly Girl

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Lana said...

She's so pretty!

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