Tuesday, April 20, 2010

6. Louisiana Belle

Arrived almost 6 years ago. Lovely brindle coloration. One tough stick of dynamite. Smallest dog we've got at 62 lbs. but also the toughest one.

She used to go to the field next door and harrass the cattle. The mama cows would gather 'round their calves and go head to head with her. Then she'd go harrass the 2,000 lb. bull, pulling on his tail if he dared to ignore her. I had to trim the horses tails up a bit because she would chase after them and grab hold, tearing out chunks of long horse hair, then spit it out and go back for more. I've seen her skate into the barn on all fours - being dragged by Zim as she hung on to his tail. I've seen her fly through the air - all four paws tasting daylight as Zim whirled her around while she was again clamped onto his tail.

She's my number one snake killer, killing 2 copperheads at our front door within a week and getting bit each time for her trouble. She's my number one look-out, keeping a close eye on everything going on around us. She's an excellent country dog and worth all the trouble she causes.

Age: 6 1/2 yrs.
Breed: Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Cur (they were bred to hunt wild boar so that gives you an indication of her potential)
Female (spayed)

Frequently heard nicknames: Louisa, Weezie, Sweeza, Swee, Sweeza-Bee, Perfect Little Hound Dog, Binty, Mouse

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