Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The bane of my existence

I have spent hours over several days battling this year's crop of mesquite trees. First using pruning shears and limb loppers to chop down their growth in the front hay pasture, then using a sprayer filled with a Remedy mix to "paint" their not-so-delicate leaves in the back pasture.

I often deem weeds as pretty as flowers, however, for these criminals I make an exception. The thorns are menaces to flesh and clothing (Louise came in one recent day with an inch-long needle stuck solidly through her front paw). If you mow them down, you will surely flatten tractor and mower tires (thank goodness for Goop tire sealant!) And then they're smart enough to grow low along the ground so they can lie in wait for unsuspecting tires, boots, soles of shoes or dog paws. The only way to kill them is with chemicals so we buy Remedy at over $100/gallon and hit the pasture with poison.
Mesquites will overtake a pasture in one season and I admit I lacked diligence in keeping them at bay last year. However, this year I'm back with a vengeance to regain control over our acreage. Thankfully the Remedy mix leaves an oily sheen on the leaves/branches so I don't continue treating the same groves of growth over and over in my field madness.

I know the wood makes for some fantastic barbecue grilling, but let them grow somewhere else! Drink up, ye pointy perils of the pasture! Drink in the noxious toxin concoction! Okay - I'm going overboard here. I think the chemicals got to me, mad-hatter-ish. Deep breath...

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