Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Don't let the machismo fool you

Baron did not kill this snake. Louise did. Baron just saw fit to proudly carry it back into the front yard.

I was walking in the back field one afternoon this week and heard the familiar "slapping/flapping" sound of a snake being vigorously shaken by a dog. Thelma was way out ahead of me, and I saw Baron and BB run towards the sound at the pond's edge. Then I saw little Louise, as expected, the snake killer.

I think it's a water moccasin, otherwise known as a cotton mouth. Since its mouth was not open to show a white interior, I'm going by its length, heft and width and grayish black color w/ stripes to say its a moccasin. I, of course, flung it into the pond so it could be consumed by the fish and turtles. Baron was not happy I again stole his trophy - even if he didn't kill it!

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