Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gatorade, optional

Yum! Nothing goes better after a day of munching green, followed by a scoop of feed pellets, than a good salt/mineral lick. Fulfills an RDA requirement, I'm sure.

In hot summer months, when the temps are extreme (close to 100 or more) and just standing there makes the horses swelter, I've been known to add crystalized electrolytes to their feed. I'm sure if I mixed it in water, it would taste JUST like Gatorade.

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Rose said...

Yum--salt blocks! when kids, we would sometimes chip of a small chunk of a block and lick it. We also played in the creek almost every day of the summer...about 12-15 feet below where the cattle stood to cool off! I cannot imagine letting LOrelei do that now!

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