Saturday, April 10, 2010

The most blessed person on Earth...

It's days like yesterday that make me feel like the most blessed person on the Earth.

Started out with a cool 40-something, then quickly warmed to a gorgeous, almost-perfect 75. Sunny, breezy. Simply gorgeous.

I was able to do stuff around the house - hung 6 out of 10 new mini-blinds upstairs - and managed to do it without major incident or injury.

Spent time outside weed eating around the house until the battery wore down on the weed eater (and my arms were tired too).

Tried to take a nap with 4 out of the 5 dogs - they slept but I didn't really. But I watched them and listened to them snore and snuffle.

Louise, one of the Catahoulas, made me laugh out loud. I was sitting on the deck this afternoon, enjoying a gin and tonic and hanging out with the dogs. The horses figured it was time to come up to the barn to be fed although I was stalling a bit yet. Louise runs towards the fence line, then realizes she needs to "surprise" Zim, my gelding, so switches to a sudden "casual" walk, moving off sideways like she wasn't really heading for Zim at all. Then sprints under the fence and barks ferociously at his heels like he never saw her coming.

Brushed my 28 yr old mare, Pearl. She's still so incredibly beautiful, she takes my breath away (I was watching her from the upstairs windows when I should have been attaching mini-blind brackets).

Got to "take a little off the top" for Tuxedo, the barn cat, too. He loves the shedding blade and weaves in and out of Pearl's legs and meows until I brush him too.

The clovers growing through the yard are so beautiful I have to stop and look at groups of them to admire them and make sure a 4-leafer isn't waiting for me to find it. The greens in the lawn, trees and shrubs are so stunning in the sunlight.

The wood duck pairs and the black-bellied whistler pairs fly in and out throughout the day to grab a bite under the bird feeder tree - if Thelma and BB are not standing guard, waiting for the squirrel they've trapped in the tree to foolishly make a run for it.

Marigold, at 12 1/2 yrs old, still makes me smile when she grabs a hoof and chews on it for a while. And Baron, as disgusting as it is, made me laugh when he hauled over an entire horse leg from the carcass somewhere in the pasture next door (of course I threw it in the pond).

These moments fill my heart and soul. I hope I made you smile, and I hope God blessed you too!

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TXBG said...


I am blessed to share this part of the path with you.

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