Sunday, April 11, 2010

Shades of "The Godfather"

These photos SO capture the essence of life here in the country with our 4-legged kids.

This is Baron with his latest big "haul". The dogs like to go into the nearby fields and bring back critters, dead animals, pelts, etc. Usually they are small critters they've killed themselves (raccoons, possums, turtles, snakes, etc.) or they're parts of larger critters (mostly legs and hooves and bones from cows that have died or been slaughtered, jawbones from coyotes, etc.) But this was new. It's a horse skull. I guess the neighbor next door lost one of their old cow ponies and either left it out for the coyotes to scavenge on or didn't bury it very well.

As usual, it ended up in the Run*A*Round critter/carcass disposal system - the pond. I'm sure it'll "rear its ugly head" again whenever the pond gets low.

1 comment:

Verde Farm said...

HOLY COW!!!!! These are amazing :) LOL Poor little cow pony.

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