Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bluebird of happiness or melancholia?

We have a lovely Eastern Bluebird population here. They have the softest, sweetest call - quite melancholy, actually.

Lots of ranchers attach bluebird houses to their wooden fence posts. I'd love to except our fence posts are about a foot too short and I think the Catahoulas (and Tuxedo) would have a field day with them. So at Run*A*Round, they have to find alternative housing. But they still manage to hand around.


bon bon said...

oh, lucky you! my dad has bluebird houses set up at their place, but it's rare i get to see one myself.

texwisgirl said...

Yeah. My sis really enjoyed watching them while she was here. I had begun to take them for granted, but she reminded me how cool they really are.

I'm still jealous you get indigo buntings, tho.

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