Thursday, July 1, 2010

Black vulture

A black vulture perches atop our power pole, not at all phased by me jumping up and down waving my arms or BB barking and running around telling it to buzz off. The reason I didn't want it camping out there is we had an incident a few years ago where a buzzard perched on the pole, somehow touched the wrong line and blew our transformer. It also dramatically electrocuted itself with electricity snapping its wings. Rather than repeat that performance, I'd prefer to keep our a/c running, thank you very much.

The dogs absolutely HATE buzzards. When they are in the area - whether in the field, in the trees or even in the pasture next door - they pick up on their carrion scent and bark and growl and generally pitch a fit.

Anyway, back to this buzzard. The black vulture has a shorter, stockier frame and a black/grey head rather than the red wrinkly head of a turkey vulture. In flight, its wings often form more of a forward-pitching V than the turkey type. Just in case you were wondering... Ha!

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