Sunday, July 25, 2010

A bump on a log

This poor baby bluejay fell out of his nest. I saw him when one of his parents landed nearby to check on him. He looked pretty pitiful, and I knew I had to get him off the ground if he was going to have any chance of survival. So I put him on top of an old wooden step-ladder that currently leans against the oak tree. Later that day, I found him again on the ground, but it was obvious his parents had been feeding him as he was alert and perky. So this time I used the step ladder to climb up and place him precariously on the only limb of the oak tree that I could reach. Right after I moved him, I saw one of his parents come in and feed him so I knew they had watched me move him. Hopefully they'll keep feeding him until he's big enough and strong enough to take flight. Poor little guy... Looks pretty pathetic.

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