Thursday, July 22, 2010

Defeat Mesquite

I donned my thick-soled shoes this week and spent some time tromping in the back pasture again spraying mesquite trees. Happy to report that the back area that I had sprayed earlier this year was holding pretty well - only a few new sprigs sprouting up from old stubborn roots. However, the area of the pasture that I had simply mowed w/o spraying first because the mesquites weren't that big yet - well, they were coming up thick as thieves there. So hopefully this round of Remedy mix will stymie their growth again (you can never really stop them - you just hope to slow them down enough to keep a forest from growing up).

Note to self: No matter how convenient, DO NOT grab a dog towel from the hamper by the front door to use as a sweat rag/sun shield. Even tho it has been washed, as you perspire the unmistakable smell of wet dog will rise from the towel wrap.

Also, the horses are of no help in pointing out baby mesquite trees that need to be sprayed. They simply linger nearby and wonder why you smell like wet dog.

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