Saturday, July 24, 2010

Purple Pixie

I recently purchased a brand new purple plastic sewing machine called a "Pixie" for $25 at a discount store. All I wanted one for was making dog toys - sewing old clothes into "pockets" stuffed with more old clothes and a toy squeaker or two. BB & Baron are notorious for destroying any and all toys so I figured I'd just recycle stuff instead of continuing to waste a few bucks at Dollar General on something that'll last 2 minutes.

So I finally brought it out and made 2 toys out of Husband's old jeans. The plastic machine took a little finesse - especially since I was attempting to sew thru denim seams and the thread kept breaking. But besides being the cutest thing I've purchased in a while, it did the job. After all, the sewing doesn't have to be pretty for dog toys. And I'm getting really good at threading the needle.

So hurray for old jean legs and cheap sewing machines! Dog Toys R Us!


Winchester said...

Glad you are using it and that the dogs appreciate it too.

texwisgirl said...

Yeah, it's kinda fun - in a cheap, plasticy sort of way. :)

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