Thursday, July 8, 2010

TP artistry

Nice to see that some simple recreational pursuits/semi-innocent acts of vandalism still exist in these modern times.

In high school, my girlfriend and I would steal toilet paper from restaurants (or my Sis's house) and go TP schoolmates' yards. But that was eons ago in Wisconsin... This was on our neighborhood street - the house is set back off the road on a long driveway (like ours) and had a locked gate at the front (like ours). So I guess the kids TP'd the tree behind the mailbox as the only available target.

In the country, you definitely don't want to be climbing over gates and sneaking up dark driveways lest you risk being met by a shotgun-wielding resident who'd be within his rights to shoot first and ask questions later. That good old "castle law" is designed to protect life and property. TPers beware!

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