Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Follow, follow, follow me...

I loved the way the water squiggles looked in this pic.  And even though a couple of ducklings got turned around a bit, I wanted to ask you to sign up as a follower to my blog. 

I just recently added the "Followers" widget to the side of my posts (thanks to those of you who've joined in thus far!)  I know I've only been blogging for a few months, but I'm envious of those longer-term bloggers who have amassed a congregation of devotees to their pix and prose.  I know I don't do fancy-pants stuff here with breath-taking photography or poetry or recipes.  Just daily life around the ranch.  But if you enjoy my efforts, I hope you'll sign up as a follower.  In order to have your presence known, you'll have to follow "publicly" but I promise, it's not painful. 

Thanks always for reading!


Dawn said...

THANK you for taking the time to comment on my blog...naming the photo:)
I appreciate it!

And your blog looks wonderful...I especially love your header- the photo there made me laugh out loud for sure:))
Thanks again,

Joe said...

I just noticed that the ducklings have blue beaks and the adults orange...that's neat. You have a great blog. I'm sure you'll get a bunch of loyal followers.

texwisgirl said...

Thanks to both of you! Dawn, I hope your daughter does well in the photography contest!

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