Friday, September 10, 2010

Follow up to previous moth posts

Mr. Oehlke also identified that huge moth I had seen in the barn.

"Moth is a male Ascalapha odorata, the Black Witch, one of the Noctuidae moths."

With a name like "the Black Witch," I was intrigued to do some searches on the web. In Mexican folklore, its considered a harbinger of death for a sick person, or in some parts, if it flies over your head, you'll go bald! In Jamaica, it represents a lost soul, in Hawaii it is a recently deceased person coming back to say goodbye, and in the Bahamas it is considered a "money moth" or "money bat" if it lands above your doorway, signaling you'll win the lottery. Whew! Who knew it could mean so much?

And the greyish one I had posted, "Ceratomia undulosa, the Waved Sphinx". When I looked up this one, it didn't come associated with any superstitions.

There is so much that nature has to share with us if we just pause and look around to see it.

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