Thursday, September 2, 2010

Varmint killer part 2

Then moseying up to the deck and begging to bring it inside since it was hot out there. Not!

I eventually got him to surrender his kill and tossed it into the pond where it initially sank, then reappeared the next day as a bloated, white, hairless carcass. The turtles and fish had done their best to scour and devour it, but Baron retrieved it from the pond and laid it in the yard once again. By the next morning it was gone so some critter (owl, coyote, raccoon, etc.) took it away. Hurray! Yes, sometimes life in the country is gross, but at least I didn't post pictures of the floater!


bon bon said...

i see all the creatures you have around your property and think "she could open her grounds to paid tourists". then baron goes and makes me think otherwise.

texwisgirl said...

Nips that idea right in the bud, eh?!

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