Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cocklebur season is almost upon us!

Just like those pushy scorpions, the cocklebur plants are just aching to irritate us.  We always get a plethora of plants ringing the pond.  Thankfully the dogs don't pick up too many as they all have relatively short hair.  The horses, however, come in with "curlers in their hair" like crazy.  And my thumbs and fingers suffer the consequences when I pick them out of their forelocks and manes.


Dawn said...

Cockleburs.....That made me smile:)
My kids were just reading that velcro was invented because of that plant.
What a pain for our dogs....but you gotta love the velcro;)

Hope your day is happy!

texwisgirl said...

I guess the pain is worth the gain of the invention. Our world wouldn't be the same without velcro... :)

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