Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"Excuse us, but we prefer our hay on the green side."

Speaking of the hay field and of Neighbor to the North... 

Every so often their beef cattle jump or plow over the fence and come into our field.  After I've called the Neighbors to report an intruder, I sometimes look like an idiot when they come out to retrieve their stock and no one is missing.  Apparently, if it's a sole cow, she eventually gets lonely and ends up jumping back into her own pasture to rejoin her herd, often before the Neighbors drive out here.  That's what happened earlier in the day with the brown cow pictured here.  1. She jumped to our side.  2. I called Neighbor.  3. They started driving out.  4. She jumped back.  5. I called Neighbor again to say "Never mind!"

But later that same day, said brown cow took it upon herself to invite a black cow and a young bull to come along with her - because a party is only good if you have someone to celebrate with, right?  Well they had a great time meandering and munching their way across the hay field.

Our dogs, however, did not appreciate the intrusion into their territory.  BB and Baron took several runs at the bull but he didn't appreciate the attention.

Eventually the cattle moved further out into the pasture and the dogs were more comfortable with that.

This time the Neighbors had to come out to retrieve them as they were perfectly content on this side of the fence - strength in numbers, I guess.

This other poor brown cow cracked me up - staring over from their pasture and wondering how her herdmates had managed to get to the "grass is always greener" side of things.  She'll just have to wait for her hay to be baled, rolled and delivered to her later.



Liesl said...

ROFTML! Brilliant post! That is so funny about you calling the neighbours and the bloody cow already back home again, I know what it feels like!

texwisgirl said...

Good to know I'm not alone!

Flier389 said...

My parents had the same problem on the farm in Arkansas. Got to the point that my dad was ready to just put in a gate for them to go back and forth. Love the pictures.

Dawn said...

Haha...I have done the exact same thing!!!!
Silly cows making us look like we know nothing....;))
Who knew they could do this?
Now I never call...but I just KNOW something is going to happen one day and I'll regret NOT calling!

Happy day to you!!

texwisgirl said...

Flier389, thanks for dropping by!

So glad to know cows are smarter than us humans - at least some of the time! :)

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