Saturday, October 30, 2010

Good newts!

We don't see too many lizards around here (a few geckos now and again) but we do get these cute little newts around the house.  We get a lot of the little silvery ones that look like baby snakes as they zip away from sight along the house foundation.  It's only if you get a closer look that you see 4 tiny legs to identify it as a newt. 
And we get a few of the brownish red ones like the one shown here.  He was feeling very friendly and photogenic one day near the front door so was kind enough to wait for me to grab my camera and then pose for several photos.  He's a real cutie, and his tail was amazingly long!  LOVE their tiny little feet!
Note:  These shots were courtesy of my Husband since the new Nikon camera he got me has a better macro setting than my former Kodak does.  I've tried to take pix of newts before and they just came out as a blurry blot.  So thanks, honey!


Zondra Art said...

Nice shots, bravoo!
I lake it!

Kisses and happy weekend.

Farmchick said...

His tail is so long and I would end up thinking it was a snake everytime I saw it! Great photos. I am sure he was a difficult little sucker to photograph.

Nancy @ el vigilante said...

Good "newts". Haha -- I had to read that twice. When I lived in Texas many years ago, I remember the horned toads that we liked to play with. So many different types of animals you have around your place. Thanks to your hubby for capturing these cute little guys on the camera. :)

Melodie said...

I often have to do a double take when I see these fellows around just to make sure they aren't a snake! My heart kinda skips a beat at that first glance!

Liesl said...

Stunning shots! That tail does look very snakey!
What beautiful colouring it has.

Karen Thomason/Gordon Setter Crossing said...

Love the clever title, but I'm glad those things are at YOUR house and not mine! (:

Dawn said...

Phew! Have to agree with Karen's comment above.
So glad YOU get to have these pictures from YOUR place.
I don't do so well with things like "newts" and such:))
Great shots:)!

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