Wednesday, October 13, 2010


This year's crop of kingfishers has been mighty shy.  Not in a headcount sort of way - literally shy.  They fly back and forth across the pond, chattering all the way, and plunge into the water to catch fish for their meals quite often.  They just aren't willing to sit still for a good photo! 

In prior years, we've had kingfishers with big egos - happy to show off their bravado and their attitude and pose for photos.  But this year they prefer to be off the record, so to speak.  This is the best I've been able to capture so far.  Little monsters!


Liesl said...

This is so interesting,we both have egrets and kingfishers in our countries,heron there must be the same of,our fisheagles I don't think differs that much, do you the the differences between the two kinds? We have quite a few species of Kingfishers on our farm,from tiny little pygmies through to Giant kingfishera! I will also try to photograph them,wish I could show you our stunning Loerie and capture the sound they make.

texwisgirl said...

I just googled your fish eagles and loeries. Both beautiful!!! I think your fish eagles are similar to our hawks that we get here (although much bigger and better fishermen!) Our herons are more like egrets - wading along the shoreline and catching fish in their beaks rather than w/ their talons.

The loeries are wonderful looking! Like a parakeet or cockatiel type. :)

Farmchick said...

This is a cute little guy. Nice photos.

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