Saturday, October 16, 2010

Southern style bamboo

These are giant reed plants.  They grow about 20 feet high along our road in the swampier creek areas.  They top out into huge feathery plumes that look like foxtail on steroids.  A truck had swiped against one of the reeds so this bloom was hanging low. 

I went back with clippers and snipped a few plumes to dry for indoor display.  I'm going to have to be careful not to let the seeds out into the yard as this plant would LOVE to get its roots pond side.


Tarissa said...

You left a comment on my blog the other day (My dog, Terra). Thanks for stopping by!

So I had to come over to visit your blog, and I love it! Your pictures are very interesting, and I do believe I'll be hanging around here often.

I really like these "huge feathery plumes"... would actually like to have some of these around my house. But alas, I don't.

God Bless!
~ Tarissa

texwisgirl said...

Thanks, Tarissa! Glad you like the blog and I appreciate you following!

Yes, I adore the shot you took of your dog. SO precious!

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