Monday, October 4, 2010

These are my chickens

We don't have real chickens here.  Although some neighbors manage to keep hens and roosters on their property, we've never attempted it.  Our own dogs could not be trusted to respect the rights of poultry, and the coyotes would have a field day, I'm afraid.  And chasing them down and locking them up in a covered shelter each night is just not for me. 

I do, however, get to enjoy pecking and scratch(feed)ing on a daily basis.  The mourning doves come in and feed under the birdfeeder tree, and are happy to give me the flock treatment. 


bon bon said...

we looked into raising chickens with our neighbors, but a town ordinance wouldn't pass. oddly enough, you can have chickens in madison! guess our little town isn't quite that progressive.

texwisgirl said...

A lot of areas in Dallas allow it too for the past few years. No roosters in town allowed though. :)

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