Friday, November 19, 2010

Workers B Gone

We had workmen here for about 2 weeks recently, putting in a flagstone area to extend our patio and walkway.  I have to admit, it drove me a little crazy to have guys here every day laying a concrete base, then rock, then mortar, as I stayed mostly in the house, had to keep the dogs controlled, and was not free to move about as usual. 
One of the guys "parked" his hat on the heron statue.
But the resulting area will be a nice place to relax with a cool drink on warm summer day - under the shade of the oak tree with a breeze and a view of the pond.  Or with a glass of wine or something warm on a cool wintry day, near a fire pit (to be added later).

For now I'm just grateful that "the captain has turned off the Fasten Seatbelt sign" and I'm once again "free to move about the cabin." :)
Here's the "raw" version, before being sealed.
After I sealed it.  Pretty!
Ahhh...  After 4 hours of applying sealant on my hands and knees with a paintbrush (the suggested roller method didn't really cut it on uneven rock!)


Nancy said...

That is absolutely beautiful. I'm so jealous right now. But happy for you. :)

Having workers around all day certainly cramps a hermit's style -- but well worth it after they are gone.

Enjoy your new outdoor living space and have a glass of wine for me.

Deb said...

so glad you free to move about againg...but wasn't it worth it...looks great

Dawn said...

oH this is absolutely beautiful!!! I am the hugest fan of stone walkways, walls, stone chimneys...oh anything! It's beautiful...and I hope your knees are ok! That's rough:))

Glad you have your peace back...although I am sure by the looks lof the hat-hanger you may have had some humorous moments every so often?;))

Have a wonderful weekend....enjoy your new yard!

(That puppy is one super super quick spontaneous decision. I have to fight the "what have i done feeling" every so often.....but my kids are quite thrilled:)

Hugs to ya!!

Zondra Art said...

beautiful, I lake it!!!

Big kissea and happy weekend.

Mackenzie said...

Beautiful! Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my blog!

Farm Girl said...

It looks really nice though. I am not a big fan of having workmen around either.

bon bon said...

looks spectacular, hon! this is the look i wanted for our patio, but the quote was too high so we went with something we could pull off doing ourselves. (my parents were pushing 70 when we did it, so i could only work them so hard. ha!)

Allison said...

That is so beautiful! In a few weeks I will post a recipe for warm buttered rum that will suit your new patio just fine on a winter's eve! You'd better do it up in style! xoxo

Country Mouse Studio said...

it is really beautiful and I'm sure it will be worth the trouble , love fire pits too

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