Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fun With Local Papers II

Do you remember the post I did last month with clippings from one of our local newspapers?  It was about a family reunion in which they had to stress "No Guns Allowed" - at a senior citizens' center.  Directly across from it was the ad for the concealed handgun class to be held in your home, and I suggested they just go ahead and book the senior citizens center.  Click here to refresh your memory. 

Anyway, seems someone figured out an even better venue for a concealed handgun carry class - the church! 
"Class room instruction and firing range portion all in one day."  Now I know this church.  It's a big a** church built a couple of years ago in a big a** field a few miles outside of town.  So I think a little impromptu firing range will work just fine there.

And here's a funny ad that ran several weeks in a row.  I think I'd pay good money to see this:

"Paint horses install cedar split rail fences".  Really?  Wow! 

Okay, one more ad that always makes me laugh.  This guy advertises his plumbing company with this banner on top of each of his ads:

Roadside Randomocity

Cattle trying to beat the triple-digit heat by clustering under what shade they can find.

Crappy shots of a Crested Caracara ala pull off road/press down window/point/shoot sh**ty shots before he flies away.

Some of the prickly pears are bearing fruit.
Some simple Texas scenery
And a pretty place

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Late yesterday afternoon...

Y'all know we've been waiting for rain here.  (Thanks, Texas dry hot air, for squashing Tropical Storm Don like a bug!)  Anyway, there's been a couple of pop-up storms that have teased us over the past week or so - coming close enough to be promising, but then frittering out before ever reaching Run*A*Round.  Like this one...
How dare you show me a rainbow without so much as a drop of spit in my direction!  (In all seriousness, I was glad someone was getting rain...)

Anyway, late yesterday afternoon, I watched yet another set of clouds forming, and I refused to get my hopes up.
Then I stood on the front porch, watching as a thunderhead rolled up from the southeast and continued nudging closer.  Taunting me with a sheet of rain.
And it got closer...
And finally, we had sprinkles!
The dogs all wimped out and wanted back in the house.  So I stood out on the deck while the horses stood outside the barn and a Great Egret stood on the top of the old dead tree by the pond.  And we all just soaked it in.  It lasted less than 10 minutes, but after not seeing, feeling or smelling ANY rain for two months, it was 10 minutes of heaven.  And 10 minutes of hope for more.  And 10 minutes of fire prevention.  And 10 minutes of respite from the heat. The birds were chirping, I was dripping from my cool, outdoor shower, and the grass was sighing...

Run*A*Round Ranch from the road

First, a look back from the gate.
Then a view from out on the road.
Just a bit closer...
And zooming in closer still...
Okay then.  Just checking.  The neighbors would definitely need binoculars to see me Running*A*Round half naked at the Ranch.

Friday, July 29, 2011

More night shots

of the Great Blue Heron (and this time with a turtle friend).

Toad spa - open nightly

No reservations required!

Our dryer vents onto a side area of our decking.  Rather than let the lint settle all over the wood planks, I put a shallow metal pan of water under the vent to catch the stuff released with the hot air.  Well, the toads think this is the best pool around.  Each night they gather and soak their little butts in the hot tub (along with the lint and dog hair from washing dog towels and blankets).  Each morning I find little water puddle 'hop marks' leading away from the pan.

Guess I should at least play 'pool boy' and clean the algae out of the pan.  Although they're toads.  They might actually enjoy it.  Yeah, I meant to do that...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More scamper rats

A thief in a crook.

The chickadee was vying for equal feeder time but soon ceded seed to the squirrel.

They're plotting to take over the world...

All we need is some thread...

I think the heron could definitely thread that eye of the needle if he tried...

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