Monday, April 30, 2012

The winner of the April 2012 giveaway is...

Barbara Shallue of Confessions of a Photography Addict - Long Hollow Photography. Turns out, this junco will be staying right here in Texas, though a bit further south from Run*A*Round Ranch.

Thank you to everyone who entered and commented. Hard to believe it is time to get busy on another drawing for May! :)

A Texas barn in greenery

And some fine fencery, too.

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Serene Scenes for Sunday VI

We have several gorgeous oaks here at Run*A*Round. One of them is in the front pasture, just off the driveway and cattle guard. We let its limbs drape low and heavy.
The oak's limbs sweep the ground on one side.

It provides some daytime shelter for the horses when I let them winter graze the front hay pasture (as well as a fine scratching post). And it provides a nice shady break for the dogs if they accompany me on walks/runs along the driveway.
BB takes a break.

Baron investigates smells.

And sucks in his gut, trying to look svelte.
Thelma Jean chills out in a ray of sunshine (different day snapped with the cell phone).

Notice the crossed front legs - always a lady.

And not to be left out, Louise wasn't hanging out under the oak tree, but was relaxing in the back yard near the pond.
Louisiana Bella



Thank you to everyone who posted Flowers for Leontien yesterday.
It was a beautiful, touching day in Blogland. Thank you, Buttons, for envisioning this virtual bouquet and Nancy for giving it a home. The link will remain open on Nancy's page so bloggers can continue to add blooms for Leontien. Thank you to everyone who posted, linked up, commented, and helped get the word out to give this lovely and spirited young woman some support. We live in a wonderful community here in Blogland. :)
And Leontien's words: Just stunned! And gratefull AND BLESSED!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

For Friday's Fences

A triple-decker Louise sandwiched between BB and Thelma. Note: This sandwich is served up stale - these photos are from January. :)
BB on squirrel stake-out.
My sweet little Louise.

A lady-like Thelma, also on squirrel stake-out.
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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"These are a few of my favorite things..."

I've been asked by a few of you if our house is filled with my artwork. The answer is definitely no. I have kept only a few pieces and given most of my paintings and drawings away to family, friends, and, for the last 16 months, my blog followers. :)

I thought I'd share with you the originals I kept for myself.

A chickadee done in colored pencil - 1996.

A Great Egret done in colored pencil - also 1996. That year, I actually entered this in the creative arts competition at the State Fair of Texas. The one and only time I entered anything and it got Honorable Mention. Kind of cool.

A female hummingbird done in magic marker - 1993. I gave away a small print of this along with a colored pencil hummingbird drawing to one of my blog readers last year.

A yellow-shafted flicker done in colored pencil - 2011. This was supposed to be for one of my monthly giveaways, but I just couldn't part with it, so I quickly drew another bird to offer in the giveaway. (See, I have kept one for myself.)

And, finally, we're gonna go WAY back. This was done in 1979 or 1980 in high school art class. It is my version of Andrew Wyeth's famous "Christina's World". It is painted in tempura paint using a small photo of his original that was featured in a catalog as my reference. It has plenty of flaws in it, but I still like it, and it hangs above my computer desk.

Here's Wyeth's painting, to refresh your memory.

That's it, folks. Three birds from 16-20 yrs. ago, one bird from last year, and one painting from a lifetime ago. Not exactly a houseful do they make. :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Working barns

Here's three not-so-charming barns, but definitely nice sized, nicely utilized, and in good condition, too.

These are all on one property - across from this...
And what is that, you ask?
Notice the "Whistling Duck Club" - my favorite birds. :)
This nature center is part of the East Fork Wetland, a huge water treatment/reuse center. They spent months and months dredging the acreage, creating marsh pits and wetlands from the east fork of the Trinity River (which runs through Dallas and is known for its pollution), then planting water crops which naturally filter the water. A big pumping station transports water via pipelines to another lake further north of this site, which, in turn, supplies water to several towns. I watched the slow progress of this creation from the highway as I commuted to my job near Downtown Dallas. I was really pleased to see how it turned out - retaining a very natural look/feel (except for the pumping station, at least) which attracts a lot of waterfowl to the marshes. After they completed the wetlands, they added the John Bunker Sands Wetland Center that folks can visit, walk along the boardwalks, and bird and creature watch. I have not actually gone to the center. I've been fortunate to get a lot of my bird and creature fixes right here at Run*A*Round. But it looks like a really well-managed site.

And those barns shown above? They're part of Rosewood Ranches wetlands and beef cattle operations. They run cattle adjacent to the visitors center (that's their tractor in the photo above, too.)
 Who wouldn't enjoy that view?
These photos were taken in mid-March before the trees burst forth, but the grass there was already that green.

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