My Giveaways

I started drawing again in Dec. 2010 after about 10 years of drawing not so much as a stick figure.  My favorite subjects are birds (just like in my blog posts!)  Figure if I give one away each month or so to my blog followers, it'll keep me motivated to continue...
1.  January 2011    
Chickadee - colored pencil
Winner:  Millie Ann Saanen of A Goat's View of Eden Hills, Iowa

2.  February 2011
American Goldfinch - magic marker
Winner:  Cher of Cher Shots, Michigan

3.  March 2011
Tufted Titmouse - colored pencil
Winner:  Miriam of Negerigeletschtempoit, Arkansas

4.  April 2011
Blue Jay - colored pencil
Winner:  Frank of The Early Birder, Surrey, United Kingdom

5.  May 2011
Male Cardinal - magic marker
Winner:  Marissa of Life on Our Side of the Mountain, Kentucky

6.  June 2011
Ruby-throated hummingbird - colored pencil
 plus bonus print
female hummingbird - copy of original magic marker drawing
Winner:  Katie of Pinke Post, North Dakota

7.  July 2011
Chipping Sparrow - colored pencil
Winner:  Kerri of A Little Piece of Me, Virginia

8.  August 2011
Eastern Bluebird - colored pencil
Winner:  Ruth of Ruth's Photo Blog, Manitoba, Canada

9.  September 2011
Fox Squirrel - colored pencil
Winner:  Betty of Rubbish by Roan, Illinois

10.  October 2011
Downy Woodpecker - colored pencil
Winner:  Jan of Life According to Jan and Jer, Pennsylvania

11.  November 2011
House Finch - colored pencil
Winner:  Misha of from my front porch in the mountains, Tennessee

12.  December 2011
Wood Duck - magic marker and colored pencil
Winner:  Joe of Massanutten Game Trails, Virginia

13.  January 2012
Red-tailed Hawk - colored pencil
Winner:  Mike of Our Little Meadow, North Carolina

14.  February 2012
Great Blue Heron - colored pencil
Winner:  Carole M. of Carole's Creative Corner, N.S.W. Australia

15.  March 2012
Female Cardinal - colored pencil
Winner:  Michelle of It's a Small Town Life!, Kentucky

16.  April 2012 
Dark-Eyed Junco - colored pencil and ink
Winner: Barbara of Confessions of a Photography Addict, Texas

17. May 2012
White-Breasted Nuthatch - colored pencil
Winner: Candy C. of Lazy J Bar C Farm, Arizona

18. June 2012
Male Painted Bunting - colored pencil
Winner: Rose of Time Stand Still, Indiana

19. July 2012
Bald Eagle - colored pencil
Winner: Eileen of Viewing nature with Eileen, Maryland

20. August 2012
Common Buckeye Butterfly - colored pencil
Winner:  barbara l. hale of Commonplace Beauty Photography, Massachusetts

21. September 2012
Carolina Wren - colored pencil
Winner: Tanna of The Brick Street Bungalow, Texas

22. October 2012
Painted Lady Butterfly - colored pencil
Winner: Patty Woodland of The Maaaaa of Pricilla, Montana

23. November 2012
Green Heron - colored pencil
Winner: DJan of DJan-ity, Washington State

24. December 2012
Gray Squirrel - colored pencil
Winner: Wayne (Woody), whatever of Wayne Woodruff Photography, Pennsylvania

25. February 2013
Song Sparrow - colored pencil
Winner: Kate of Visual St. Paul, Minnesota

26. April 2013
Mourning Dove - colored pencil
Winner: Julia of Of Petals and Wood, New Brunswick, Canada

27. June 2013
Great Blue Heron - colored pencil
Winner: Ms. A of Sarcastic Granny, Texas

28. August 2013
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly - colored pencil
Winner: Sandy Carlson of Writing in Faith, Connecticut

29. October 2013
White-throated Sparrow - colored pencil
Winner: Jo of Jo's World, Minnesota

30. December 2013
Barred Owl - notecards printed from colored pencil drawing
Winner: Margie of Latebloomerbuds, Michigan

31. February 2014
American Goldfinch - colored pencil
Winner: Lynne of Irish Garden House, Michigan

32. April 2014
Juvenile Ruby-Throated Hummingbird - colored pencil
Winner: Alica of Happily the Cows!, Pennsylvania

33. June 2014
Male Wood Duck - colored pencil
Winner: Barb of Grandma Barb's This and That, Minnesota

34. August 2014
Black Swallowtail Butterfly - colored pencil
Winner: Debby Ray of My Favorite Things, North Carolina

35. October 2014
Golden Eagle in flight - colored pencil
Winner: Brian of Brian King Images, Kentucky

36. December 2014
Black Bear - colored pencil
Winner: Denise of An English Girl Rambles..., Virginia

37. February 2015
Green Heron - colored pencil
Winner: Hilary of The Smitten Image, Ontario, Canada

38. April 2015
Carolina Chickadee - colored pencil
Winner: Judy of Cranberry Morning, Wisconsin

Stay Tuned!

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